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For us, the design and manufacturing of each packaging is an expression of our craftsmanship, creativity and value creation for customers.

Uniquely Engineered
For You 

Each solution is uniquely engineered based on your product’s specifications, sensitivities, and supply chain journey. We seek to create packaging that’s better optimised for transportation and handling. Through rigorous testing and protective design, we ensure that even your most sensitive products will be safely brought to their destination.

Designed, Built and

Our capabilities extend from design, to prototyping and qualification, and manufacturing. We also engage with a third-party accredited test lab for all ISTA testing requirements as required. Where natural wood is used, we also have our own accredited heat treatment facility for compliance with ISPM15. 


Carpenter at Work

Packaging is our craft, and production is carpentry. We are hands on builders who have spent decades honing our skills.


Total packaging awards received since 2002

>USD 250m

Total cumulative cost savings for our customers


Leading global companies currently served



Our design process begins with pausing. We first listen to your needs, understand where your product's transportation journey, take necessary measurements, reflect deeply, and ideate.


We recognize that packaging is a small part of your supply chain, but has the potential to create significant cost, process, carbon and material efficiencies from manufacturing to delivery to end customers.


Prototype & Testing

Once we have a design that you are comfortable with, we validate that the design is robust and suited for its transportation journey through our in-house testing capabilities for drop, load, shock, vibration, temperature and humidity testing.


We build your complete trust in our designs.

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Ensuring compliance is done through external testing to meet ISTA requirements as needed. With our deep expertise in servicing high-value and sensitive equipment, we are well-versed in first article testing and other qualification requirements. 



Our manufacturing is defined by quality. Majority of the cutting we do is automated to ensure precision, while final assembly is done by hand to ensure quality. 


With our in-house manufacturing facilities with ISO9001 certification and strong processes in place for quality checking, we ensure control over the aesthetic, hygienic and built quality of the packaging we produce.

Your satisfaction is our priority. 

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With our creative design process, precise machining and delicate handiwork for production, we produce packaging that is made with the head, heart and hands.

Crating & Assembly

With our skilled and highly trained crating team, we are able to meet your complex crating needs, no matter how sensitive or heavy your equipment is.

Warehousing & Logistics

Our in-house warehouse uses SAP and a web-based warehouse management system to ensure accurate and real-time inventory management. We support customers (1) in-house with our vendor management, kitting and warehousing; and (2) on demand product fulfilment, rigging, project logistics and third party logistics.


In Singapore, Greenpac is accredited under the Approved 3PL scheme. This allows us to import goods belonging to our overseas clients under the Major Exporter Scheme into Singapore at zero GST. 

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