Created in response to the needs and stipulations of our clients whose goods required protection from the protruding nails used in conventional wooden pallets that was also not environmentally friendly.
Utilizes the construction grade plywood material to meet the Eco requirements and also nail-free. Our clients such as Siemens and other MNC’s have since adopted the RSCP™ Pallets.

Award winning solution


RSCP™ Pallets are designed with the following green principles in mind:
      • Reduce – Our patented design allows 20% – 60% material savings which equate to lighter weight and lead to freight cost savings.
      • Reuse – Nothing goes to waste as the components in used RSCP™ Pallets may be modified for new components.
      • Recycle – RSCP™ Pallets are manufactured on the singularity of material usage. This greatly eases the recycling process as no metallic fasteners were used.
Unique Properties of RSCP Pallets:
      • Uses a nail-less technology to prevent protruding nails from damaging the goods
      • Green disposal process as there is no additional process for the removal of metallic fasteners
      • In compliance with the ISPM 15 as well as the ROHS.
      • Easy to prototype
      • Used RSCP Pallets may immediately be recycled into Chipboard, Fiberboards or sent for energy recovery.
      • Utilizes the Construction Grade plywood material that has excellent technical attributes such as a high load-bearing factor, dimensional stability and easy processing that makes this wood-based material universally relevant.
      • Pallets made from plywood materials are used hence reduce our carbon footprint and as such, our RSCPTM Pallets offers an environmentally-friendly solution that meets the needs of today’s eco-conscious consumers.