Greenpac’s Revolutionary System Concept Packaging (RSCP) is the world’s first internationally patented, nail-free interlocking packaging that uses materials sourced from “Forest Stewardship Council” forests – the only forest certification system supported by all major environmental groups.

Award winning solution


RSCP™ packing is:

  • Cost effective as it utilizes 20% to 60% less materials, reducing the amount of waste created from using timber in wooden packaging.
  • Nail-free and free from metallic fasteners as these may cause damage to goods and possess as a safety threat to workers.
  • Compliant with global environmental import/export requirements such as ISPM15 and ROHS.
  • Sturdy enough to withstand heavy load racking and at the same time, light in weight thus resulting in freight costs reduction.
  • Easily dismantled and flat-packed for storage efficiency, and reassembled when in need.

The advantages of RSCP™ Packaging

• Rigidity
• Durability
• Insect-Free
• Lightweight

• Storage Efficiency
• Tooling/Mould-Free
• ISPM15 Compliance
• Highly Customisable

• Fungus-Free
• Weather-Proof
• Environmentally Friendly
• No Metal Fasteners (Nails)