Re-engineered with corrugated Polypropylene material from wood, this returnable demo case is significantly lighter and offers better portability with protection maximized. Simple operating procedure further raises efficiency and productivity, In addition, Sirius Portable Demo Case has also enable clients to achieve environmental sustainability while also achieving bottom-line savings.

Award winning solution


  1. Savings:
  • Re-engineered design/material further reduces material costs for customer without compromising performance.
  • Overall weight and dimension were reduced, transforming it into a travel case that customer can check in as baggage (less than 32kg); saves on cargo freight cost.
  • The packaging also uses less material which in turn generates less waste, thus generating huge savings on disposal.
  1. Operational Efficiency and Productivity:
  • Simple packaging design further reduces handling time and only requires minimal labor.
  • Capable of containing fully-assembled product albeit reduced size – saves assembly time for customer when they are on-site.
  • The packaging is 60% lighter which makes it possible for hand-carrying.
  1. Environmental Factor(s):
  • Smaller and lighter packaging produces minimal/lesser carbon footprint during transportation process.
  • The packaging is also a sustainable product with its whole body made of recyclable and reusable materials.
  • The packaging is also returnable to be used for multiple times.