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Sirius Project

Sirius Project
Re-engineered with corrugated Polypropylene material from wood, this returnable demo case is significantly lighter and offers better portability with protection maximized. Simple operating procedure further raises efficiency and productivity, In addition, Sirius Portable Demo Case has also enable clients to achieve environmental sustainability while also achieving bottom-line savings.

Award winning solution


  1. Savings:
  • Re-engineered design/material further reduces material costs for customer without compromising performance.
  • Overall weight and dimension were reduced, transforming it into a travel case that customer can check in as baggage (less than 32kg); saves on cargo freight cost.
  • The packaging also uses less material which in turn generates less waste, thus generating huge savings on disposal.
  1. Operational Efficiency and Productivity:
  • Simple packaging design further reduces handling time and only requires minimal labor.
  • Capable of containing fully-assembled product albeit reduced size – saves assembly time for customer when they are on-site.
  • The packaging is 60% lighter which makes it possible for hand-carrying.
  1. Environmental Factor(s):
  • Smaller and lighter packaging produces minimal/lesser carbon footprint during transportation process.
  • The packaging is also a sustainable product with its whole body made of recyclable and reusable materials.
  • The packaging is also returnable to be used for multiple times.

RSCP™ Pallet

RSCP™ Pallet
Created in response to the needs and stipulations of our clients whose goods required protection from the protruding nails used in conventional wooden pallets that was also not environmentally friendly.
Utilizes the construction grade plywood material to meet the Eco requirements and also nail-free. Our clients such as Siemens and other MNC’s have since adopted the RSCP™ Pallets.

Award winning solution


RSCP™ Pallets are designed with the following green principles in mind:
      • Reduce – Our patented design allows 20% – 60% material savings which equate to lighter weight and lead to freight cost savings.
      • Reuse – Nothing goes to waste as the components in used RSCP™ Pallets may be modified for new components.
      • Recycle – RSCP™ Pallets are manufactured on the singularity of material usage. This greatly eases the recycling process as no metallic fasteners were used.
Unique Properties of RSCP Pallets:
      • Uses a nail-less technology to prevent protruding nails from damaging the goods
      • Green disposal process as there is no additional process for the removal of metallic fasteners
      • In compliance with the ISPM 15 as well as the ROHS.
      • Easy to prototype
      • Used RSCP Pallets may immediately be recycled into Chipboard, Fiberboards or sent for energy recovery.
      • Utilizes the Construction Grade plywood material that has excellent technical attributes such as a high load-bearing factor, dimensional stability and easy processing that makes this wood-based material universally relevant.
      • Pallets made from plywood materials are used hence reduce our carbon footprint and as such, our RSCPTM Pallets offers an environmentally-friendly solution that meets the needs of today’s eco-conscious consumers.

Revolutionary System Concept Packaging (RSCP™)

Revolutionary System Concept Packaging (RSCP™)
Greenpac’s Revolutionary System Concept Packaging (RSCP) is the world’s first internationally patented, nail-free interlocking packaging that uses materials sourced from “Forest Stewardship Council” forests – the only forest certification system supported by all major environmental groups.

Award winning solution


RSCP™ packing is:

  • Cost effective as it utilizes 20% to 60% less materials, reducing the amount of waste created from using timber in wooden packaging.
  • Nail-free and free from metallic fasteners as these may cause damage to goods and possess as a safety threat to workers.
  • Compliant with global environmental import/export requirements such as ISPM15 and ROHS.
  • Sturdy enough to withstand heavy load racking and at the same time, light in weight thus resulting in freight costs reduction.
  • Easily dismantled and flat-packed for storage efficiency, and reassembled when in need.

The advantages of RSCP™ Packaging

• Rigidity
• Durability
• Insect-Free
• Lightweight

• Storage Efficiency
• Tooling/Mould-Free
• ISPM15 Compliance
• Highly Customisable

• Fungus-Free
• Weather-Proof
• Environmentally Friendly
• No Metal Fasteners (Nails)

Collapsible Tote Box

Collapsible Tote Box

The Collapsible Tote box is made of PP Corrugated Plastic and possesses 3R (Reusable, Returnable and Recyclable) and 3S (Saves time, Saves costs, Saves fuel).

Its 3R and 3S features make it an environmentally friendly product which greens the overall supply chain. It has both collapsible anad stackable features and can be recycled since it boasts of a 10 years shelf-life. Its functional design serves to boost operational efficiency by eliminating the process of unpacking and repacking of products, which leads to an increase of 2.5 times more packaging density as compared to the replaced packaging in a single shipment. Shipping frequency is reduced which leads to cost savings and lesser fuel consumption. The container is clean for immediate storage.

Before re-engineering

In this case study, our client was dealing with products that require repacking so that they could be stored inside a clean room upon arrival at its premises. This process was wasteful because:

  • additional labour was needed to unpack the products from individual boxes
  • the workers had to stack the products neatly onto a trolley to be stored inside the clean room
  • the empty boxes had to be flattened so that they could be sent for recycling

After re-engineering

Awards winning solution


We introduced a new packaging system that used environmentally friendly solutions.

Firstly, the materials are returnable and recyclable.
Secondly, we increased the packing capacity and eliminated the need for unpacking and repacking of products before it could be stored in the clean room.

This returnable packaging can be flattened for storage and assembled again when needed.

Industry recognition for results achieved

Through combining the packaging and material handling systems, we have helped our clients to increase the capacity of their packaging, therefore maximising their existing storage capability. This also cuts down on the time needed to pack and deliver their products to their customers. By maximising their packaging capacity, they could optimise their transport costs as they could ship a greater volume of goods with lesser frequency. This not only translates to bottom-line savings in freight costs but also creates a positive impact on the environment by reducing on their carbon footprint.

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